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Afya Pap: Free and Personalised Daily Tips to Tackle Diabetes and Hypertension

Afya Report: The South Sudan Medical Journal and World Health Organisations global status report on non-communicable diseases in 2010 states that Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) are the leading cause of death globally and Diabetes Mellitus is ranked 4th main contributor to such deaths. Apart from Malaria and HIV, WHO estimates that 3.3% of deaths in Kenya is caused by Diabetes Mellitus and predicts a rise to 4.5% in 2025. DM, as it is popularly known, is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia with disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism resulting from defects in insulin secretion, action or both. There are three main types of diabetes; type 1 (TIDM) (10%), 2 (TIIDM) (85%) and gestational (5%) affecting close to 347 million people in the world.

The figures above can show anyone how it is very important to ensure that everyone is screened and those with Diabetes Mellitus provided with proper care. It is also very important that every Kenyan acquires information on such NCD’s the moment they require it. Fighting this type of condition require alot of dedication to regime being administered and consumption of correct and verified information. It is information on this condition that will help an individual make the right decision on the next course of action. We can find such information in books, journals, reports, guidelines or even by visiting clinics and hospitals and interacting with professionals in the field of health. Come to think of it, no one can be able to visit clinic, library or a hospital any moment they feel sick, it could be abrupt and it can get you unaware.

Conditions such as DM and hypertension only require preventive care. Individuals with such conditions only require to keep their sugar levels or heart beats close to normal as far as they can to avoid being in trouble. No highs and lows, just normal and you are good to go for as long as you would want to reach. But again for anyone to do such, you need a helping hand in determining and predicting what will happen to you next if you don’t take some action. Every consultant can provide you with such information but note that you will have to pay handsomely before they deliver their advice. If you are not able then you know how it goes, you will be on your own. That is bad news!

Good news! No one needs to visit those consultation rooms. Why queue for hours and pay heavily yet your phone could do you more than just calling and sending messages to friends? Afya Pap has come to help you! The Android App accessible in Google Play store brings consultants and professionals in the field of health to your pocket for relatively far much less than you would want to spend. No much is needed, just an install and you are ready to go.

Afya Pap Afya Pap provides you with personalized daily tips it will empower you with the information that you need to tackle your condition head on, allowing you to live your life to the greatest potential. The app’s chat feature offers you lifestyle and health information in a friendly and easy to use style. The chat feed is personalized to your interests and needs so that you have access to relevant and useful information right at your fingertips. Afya Pap will help you stay motivated and informed with the cutting edge information about your condition.

Afya PapThe App allows you to ask a question straight to the Baobab Circle’s team of expert doctors, nurses, and nutritionists who will respond directly to you. Once installed, the App allows you to browse through questions and answers that other individuals with diabetes around you have asked us.

Afya PapAfya App will also help you monitor your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and mood as soon as you key in the data. It will provide you with a range that will help you know your status at a specific time. It will also provide you with a probable solution to some effects you might experience as you continue with these conditions. Though the App is not meant to replace health caregivers it helps improve services provided by professionals and educates patients effectively. It also provides a link between patients who cannot visit healthcare facilities every often and gives them a cheap option to getting quality services.

Afya PapApart from the value you’ve given your health, downloading and installing the Afya Pap can make you an instant winner. You could walk home with a brand new Pedometer and you know how it would feel to document and capture every distant that you have traveled as you try to remain fit. Follow these steps and you could be one of the winners.

Afya Pap

  1. Go to the Google Playstore.
  2. Search for Afya Pap by Baobab Circle
  3. Download the App and Install
  4. Take a screenshot of the App installed on your phone
  5. Comment below with the screenshot, your name, place of stay and contact details.

The competition is open until 15th April 2017. Winners will be announced and contacted on 16th April 2017.

Afya PapNB: Anyone can download and use the Afya Pap but only Kenyans can enter this competition and win. Judges decision shall determine the winner. Each winner will receive a single Pedometer.

Also note that the App will be free to use for the first month but you will be required to Pay a subscription fee of 100 shillings per month for the subsequent months.

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