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Do Slimming Pills Really Work? How About Weight Loss Supplements?

Slimming Pills

Newspapers, web pages and social media sites are full of adverts for ‘miracle’ slimming products. We are constantly bombarded with images of overweight women who are magically transformed into very skinny versions of themselves in an unbelievably short period. These products are thriving but what exactly do they contain and do they work? Digestion disruption drugs Some drugs are designed …

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Use Vitamin D to Cure Your Breast Cancer

Cure Breast cancer

It is an unforgiving disease that reportedly kills more than 450,000 women every single year all across the globe. But breast cancer and the likelihood of developing it is not an inevitable risk dictated purely by chance, as virtually all of the latest science on the subject reveals that vitamin D deficiency may be a major causative factor in cancer …

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